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The LIT Group goes Red  for Dyslexia Awareness

As we recognize and celebrate dyslexia awareness, we at The LIT Group wanted to help bring awareness by sharing some tips and information about dyslexia; what it is, how we assess for it, how to seek intervention and the social and emotional impact of living with dyslexia.  In the the clips below, you'll get lots of information and resources if you are someone living with dyslexia or you are caring for someone who lives with this learning difference.  We hope you enjoy!  

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More Links and Resources

Hey Sigmund - a site to find a wealth of information on dealing with anxiety in children.

An informative article from the International Dyslexia Association discussing the anxiety and dyslexia connection.

The British Dyslexia Association discusses the impact of stress and anxiety on learning in this fascinating article.

An informative webinar from the British Dyslexia Association helping us to understand stress and anxiety in dyslexic children and how to help build resiliency.

Some great general information on dyslexia. learning-disabilities/dyslexia/understanding-dyslexia


Tips from students living with Dyslexia.


The Nessy website has a wealth of amazing information for parents, caregivers, educators and individuals living with dyslexia.


What’s It like Being Dyslexic?


The Nessy Approach to Learning/How to Teach Children with Dyslexia

Dr. Gavin Reid offers some insights in these fantastic articles discussing parenting a child with dyslexia as well as how to look at the positive side of living with dyslexia.